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We develop target group driven communication strategies and concepts. In doing so, we are pursuing our passion for simplifying complexity. To understand the complexity, we delve right into the foundations of your brand and market environment and capture overlooked assets – like data, values and USPs – that can be leveraged for your successful communication.

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Creating the strategic framework

Starting with the brand and its values, we work with you to develop customised communication solutions for campaigns, presentations, websites or corporate design. By focusing on your ideas and target groups we design your communication to be razor sharp.

The brand as framework

We let your brand set the scene. We develop communication and design solutions that strike a balance between the values, nuances and USP of the brand. Your brand is our guiding principle. This is why we document sensible, easy-to-follow brand rules in user-specific guidelines, to ensure your brand is managed correctly inside and outside the company.


Campaigning 360°
Campaigns for people

It’s common knowledge that messages only succeed if they are suited to the target group. But often there’s not enough time to formulate complex content, whether it takes the form of change stories or selling points, in a way that is understandable and empathetic. This is why we develop internal and external campaigns that appeal to your customers, staff or partners on an emotional level, without obscuring the core message. We make them as positive as possible and consistently genuine. We take a 360-degree approach to your requirements, develop creative communication concepts and manage the rollout in line with your strategy.

Support for your events

As your strategic and conceptual sparring partner, we let you and your content take centre-stage. We stay in the background but are there if you need us. That’s one of our basic principles, but applies specifically to your event. Ideally, we are involved in the conceptual design of the event, help you with developing the content and the visual realization, and ensure an integrated cross-medial implementation, from the invitation through signage and touch tables to presentation and menu. In addition, we provide support behind the scenes as the slide operator, working hand in hand with your other partners and maintaining a holistic view of your messages.

Presentation 360°
Presentations beyond PowerPoint

As experts in presentations we don’t just understand the term to mean the creation of PowerPoint slides with strong content and visual impact. Regardless of platform, we see presentations as the visual representation of companies, products and topics in the B2B environment and make use of PowerPoint or Prezi, animations or live action, VR and AR, infographics or other channels, which are stand-alone solutions suited to the purpose. In the process, we showcase your products and services from all angles in a 360-degree approach.

Productivity 360°
For effective and CD-compliant daily tasks

To be able to quickly put together a presentation or prepare a calculation for customers or internal stakeholders sounds like a promising approach. But in many cases it doesn’t work due to a failure to meet formatting and design guidelines.This is why we not only assist with the compilation of easy-to-follow design guidelines for the management of your corporate design specifications, but we set up your MS Office templates in such a way that they are as simple and uncomplicated as possible for everyone, so that all users can make the best impression with their day-to-day work. The focus is on brand conformity, user-friendliness and effectiveness

Brand development: strategic but pragmatic

In workshop formats we create a strong, values-driven foundation for your brand. On request, we analyse existing brand architectures, markets, competitors and target groups, using tried and tested methods to put together or generate your brand orbit or brand DNA. As a result, you obtain definitive parameters for strategic and creative communication measures. As well as a definition of the brand essence, we also determine e.g. the USP, your core messages and the tonality for other communications.

In addition to our workshop formats, we are happy to come up with other customer insights for communications that reach their target.

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Oktay Yaldiz – Director Account Management

”We see it as our job to point out weaknesses. Honesty is a valuable asset at K16. This is certainly not always easy for our customers to deal with, but it’s the only way to achieve excellent results. It’s not enough for us just to scratch the surface of something and then have to try and make it look good afterwards. We want to offer the best solutions for the long haul. And every member of our team at K16 works on this principle.”