Platform-independent solutions for communications that impress

The diversity of media


The representation of the message has to match the target group, not the originator of the message. Or in other words: the occasion and the audience determine the choice of content and medium. At K16 we will find you the perfect interplay of platform, medium, occasion and target group, so that your content hits the spot. We use a wide range of media – from advertisements, Office templates and presentations to websites and VR solutions.

Developing powerful ideas

Without emotions, our brain doesn’t remember any selling points – and that goes for B2B communication as well. During the consultation process, we create the right story out of your content. Storytelling is one of our key performance modules. And we always work according to the principle “form follows function“. We put your content centre-stage and subsequently determine the best medium to suit the objective and purpose.



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Our expertise
Exploiting the variety of media available

Once we have the story, we spread your messages via suitable channels. We find the ideal media and matching disciplines to present your message to its best advantage. Starting with your corporate identity, we offer the entire spectrum of creative solutions. And if needed, we can do even more by working with our network partners.


We bring your story to life. Whether you need a tutorial, promotional or corporate video, videos convey messages in an emotional and entertaining way. At K16 the entire production comes from a single source and is tailored individually to the intended area of application.



We are passionate about creating presentations that captivate and have an emotional impact. To achieve this, we design and create presentations that are individually tailored to your stories.



We design compelling infographics that present their content vividly in print media or in interactive format in HTML5.



We deploy our offset and digital expertise to design creative print products with a high-quality feel from conceptual design to layout and finishing.


Corporate design

A well-conceived corporate design is the core element of a harmonious brand image. We help with the design, creation and implementation of your corporate design.



We produce attractively designed templates that simplify your work processes, from invoice forms and letterheads to Excel-based management dashboards.



From concept to the creation of individual design elements we help you to build target group specific websites that are responsive, search engine optimised and suitable for any device.


New technologies

We help you to tell stories based on virtual reality technology with media experiences that will linger in the memory for a long time. Ideal for sales, trade fairs and web.


Editing and copywriting

We help you place your message in the public domain, using traditional communication tools as well as digital solutions.

Trainings and workshops

Our in-house training formats target your specific requirements and underlying frameworks. Whether you need basic and visualisation training for inspiring presentations and efficient Office solutions or storytelling workshops for creating exciting business stories, we are happy to pass on our experience and the knowledge we have gained from 30 years of B2B communication in a way that is practical and tailored to your specific needs.

Understanding PowerPoint
Basic training

By sticking to clear design rules you can make your message the star of every presentation. You’ll learn how to completely rethink charts and use strategic visualisation to consciously direct the viewer’s gaze to the core content in just a few clicks.

Ideas for presentations
Creative training

Would you like creative design instead of the same old standard fare? Building on our basic and visualisation training, this two-day creative training workshop will teach you how to use creative techniques to make your presentations individual and special.

Designing with PowerPoint

By sticking to clear design rules you can make your message the star of every presentation. You’ll learn how to completely rethink charts and use strategic visualisation to consciously direct the viewer’s gaze to the core content in just a few clicks.

Telling riveting stories
Storytelling training

We show you how to create exciting stories from your content that will genuinely inspire your audience. We present various storytelling methods and work with you to develop a cohesive storyline in terms of content and visuals.

Innovative presenting
Prezi training

This training will teach you how to use Prezi to produce dynamic, CD-compliant movie-like presentations. We’ll show you the most important basic tools and explain how to develop a Prezi step by step.

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Susanne Dold – Creative Director

“Effective realization is about more than design. This is why we stress the importance of our designers being included in the customers’ strategic considerations at as early a stage in the process as possible. The best ideas occur in a team of peers that integrates all disciplines and involves the client. Our colleagues have to be prepared to do this and ideally our customers too.”