ALLEHERZEN schuf zunächst mit dem WISS-Netz eine Informationsplattform inklusive eines Expertennetzwerkes zum Thema „Wearables im Spitzensport“. In der zweiten Phase wurde das Projekt präziser auf die Zielgruppen zugeschnitten: Das Akronym WISS – „Wir | Innovation im Spitzensport“ – entstand. Diese Version 2.0 des WISS-Netzes hatte ein frisches und modernes Design und bekam viele neue Funktionen. Für den Austausch von Ideen wurde beispielsweise die sogenannte “Wall of Ideas” implementiert. Zudem bestand nun die Möglichkeit, Gastnetzwerke auf der Plattform abzubilden – ein integraler Bestandteil für den Projekterfolg.


The digital experts from ALLEHERZEN put together a concept with the different target groups in mind: national coaches, top athletes, engineers and scientists – all parties concerned should feel equally at home on the final platform. The early stages of a solution already existed; ALLEHERZEN picked up from where it had been left off and optimized the system: to this end, the objectives were expanded and refined in collaboration with the customer. A stable beta release was completed and the live start of the project was fast-tracked within a very tight time frame.


To begin with, ALLEHERZEN created an information platform with the WISS network, including an expert network on the subject of “wearables in high-performance sport”. In the second phase, the project was tailored more precisely to the target groups: The acronym WISS – “Wir | Innovation im Spitzensport” (We | Innovation in High-Performance Sport) – was formed. This version 2.0 of the WISS network had a fresh and modern design and gained many new functions. The “Wall of Ideas” was implemented for the exchange of ideas, for example. It was now also possible to map guest networks on the platform – an integral part for the success of the project.

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