Strong partners are the be-all and end-all for successful growth. For this reason, Telekom chose the motto “People. Growth. Passion.” for their 2018 annual Partner Day with their key account customers. The Portfolio and Marketing division of Telekom needed a PowerPoint presentation for the event. The presentation topic was “Product development now and in the future”. The goal was to bring the slides to life with animated features.


The values community, expertise and attractiveness of the portfolio formed the basis of the presentation concept. A key message should stick in the minds of the viewers: Telekom is the ideal partner. K16 put together two potential designs and undertook the preparation within just a few days. The animations were created using the PowerPoint morph function.

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The scuba diver formed the central allegory for the presentation: he glides further into the depths of digitalisation and at the same time has a reliable partner by his side. The fluid slide transitions reinforced this concept. The viewers got the feeling that they are diving with the protagonist. Behind this was a clear message: Telekom makes it easier to get started with new technologies and guides business partners along the path to new digital worlds. Our customer and ultimately the audience too, were very impressed with the presentation.

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