In addition to redesigning the slide master, the customer wanted the entire presentation design to be reworked. At the same time, it still had to be compatible with the company and product slide master. The design was to be more modern, simpler and more creative. The company also wanted to be positioned more strongly as a software manufacturer for mobile payment systems and for the product StarMoney.


Prior to the start of the project, Star Finanz had conducted a survey among its employees to ascertain what requirements they have for presentation layout and technical components. The results from this survey were given great consideration in the fulfilment of the project. Presentations by Star Finanz were also analysed to get a detailed overview of the slides to be created.


Since the specific colour scheme of the company and product master had to be kept but at the same time needed a consistent design, K16 developed a uniform key visual. The concrete wall that was thus created represents the image of the software company but also stands for an important feature of the product. By using the concrete wall as the key visual and with the very open layout of the content, a modern look with high recognition value was achieved.

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