The objective of the project was to significantly increase the marketing quality and at the same time reduce the vacancy rate in the letting of apartments from GWH’s own properties. The marketing and communication of rental properties was also to be made easier, more straightforward and, most importantly, available in cross-media formats. There was also the problem that there were often no suitable photos of the existing apartments, or the photos could not be accessed centrally.

In workshops with customer representatives, the digital strategists from ALLEHERZEN first worked out new process models and identified all the existing and necessary systems in the customer’s digital infrastructure that contained critical information about the process for new rentals. Building on this, a new system strategy was developed and a roadmap created that should improve sales support, above all.


In addition to a new central asset management system with image database, a customised supply database was designed, planned and implemented. As a central hub, this system orchestrates data from the ERP, information about the location, and elements from the image database. The employees of the letting departments are now assisted by a strong digital colleague with artificial intelligence, which supports them in generating suitable promotional texts for the marketing to the perfectly-identified target group. The system also makes it possible to directly publish properties on their own website and real estate portals such as ImmobilienScout24, and to print high-quality portfolio PDFs.

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