The GfK team chose an extraordinary setting for an in-house information seminar: a casino. A PowerPoint presentation corresponding to the atmosphere was to convey a specific set of messages to the staff. Two goals were defined beforehand: to present the contents in a captivating manner and to firmly anchor the event in the minds of the participants for a long time.


The K16 concept: a presentation made up of two sections. The first part was to be of a purely informative nature, while active participation was planned for the second module. The thematic break between the two components was to be reflected in the visual presentation. Another idea was that employees should receive chips during the presentation.


We set the scene of the presentation in the style of a casino: roulette tables, chips and playing cards formed visual centrepieces. Animations on the slides and the slide transitions also related to the event location. In doing so, the event location, slide contents and presentation design were perfectly coordinated with one another.

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